What The…?

Sometimes I just feel like I don’t have any control of my emotions.
I’m frequently flipping out. D. too drunk and sick to call = me flipping out. My mother constantly asking questions about school = me flipping out. My dog smelling like a dog and trying to lick my face = me flipping out.

And at the same time I just can’t be happy when things happen to go well for me. My therapist always told me that I was supposed to be happy about the “small things”…instead, I feel nothing.

It’s as if one good thing doesn’t count as long as the rest of my life looks like a heap of shit to me.


Song Of The Week #1 – “My Life Changed” by William Fitzsimmons

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon William Fitzsimmons, a singer-songwriter from Jacksonville, Illinois.
On some website I read an article where he was considered “equal parts songwriter and psychotherapist”…which sounds absolutely legit to me šŸ™‚
To be honest…this song kinda caught me off guard…considering my bad experiences involving car accidents and loved ones, this made me cry…and nevertheless, it also made me think of all the good times we had together.
A strange thing, that only music can do šŸ™‚