The Secret Life Of A Manic Depressive

“Manic depression is a disease that’s little talked about and little understood. This programme, presented by Stephen Fry, explores the highs and the lows, and the causes and the treatments of a condition that may affect as many as 2% of the population. Motivated by his own personal battle, the programme follows Stephen Fry on an emotional but entertaining journey that takes him into the homes of stars such as Carrie Fisher, Richard Dreyfuss and Rick Stein; into the lives of ordinary people who juggle this illness with their working lives; and into the surgeries of psychiatrists and the labs of researchers who are trying to help control the condition. In candid interviews, we hear tales of mood swings and extremes of behaviour that can leave a sufferer living like Jekyll and Hyde; with reckless aggression, crazy sex, wild decisions and criminal impulses all thrown in. And we hear about the lows that make you wonder how they survive.”

This is a must see for everyone interested in mental health…not matter if you suffer from manic depression yourself, if you have relatives or friends affected by the illness or if you just want to know a bit about it to be begin with. There are so many people out there who have to get through every day with all kinds of demons inside their heads…In my opinion there’s no room for ignorance in our today’s society concerning mental illness.
The only way to break the stigma is to talk about it…and that’s why I like Stephen Fry so much 🙂
Of course I recommend you to buy the DVD…but if you just want to get an impression you can watch parts of it on YouTube. Here’s the first part:


Lost For Words #2


“It’s funny. Your worst nightmare always seems so far away. Then, all of a sudden, there it is, like a monstrous tidal wave. You try to escape, but you can’t. You struggle and you struggle and you struggle, your desperate cries unheard. Then, something strange happens, you stop struggling. Your cries take flight. You forget you’re drowning.” – Norman Reedus (Dark Harbor)

‪I Can Go The Distance

When I was a child, I used to watch a lot of Disney movies and even now that I’m grown-up I still enjoy them immensely (which just reinforces my opinion that one’s never too old for Disney movies ^^)…Hercules is one of my favourites =)

The song “I Can Go The Distance” (which was initially sung by Michael Bolton) still gives me the shivers (in a positive way of course^^) every time I listen to it. It conveys so much emotion and has a lot of truth in it….like so many other Disney songs and stories….In this case the message is definitely: Never give up and dare to fight for your dreams!