You Know You’re German When…

I just found this awesome blog on tumblr that really made me laugh, called “You know you’re German when…”
I just felt like a wrting a fun post, rather than anything else…I feel awesome today, honestly I do 🙂

people who don’t speak English very well (and I’d say many Germans don’t) tend to translate everything literally: “not the yellow from the egg” (Nicht das Gelbe vom Ei) means that something isn’t quite as good as it could be….and “but it goes!” (Aber es geht) basically means “but it’s okay” or “so-so”

A “Gymnasium” in Germany could be compared to a secondary school….or grammar school. And if you wanted to translate the English word gymnasium you’d say “Turnhalle”

We’ve got several waste bins: one for plastic, one for paper, one for glass (bottles, jars etc. (and you can seperate them again into green, brown and white glass)), one for bio waste and another one for residual waste.

well…I guess it’s good to grow up in a country where nudity and sexuality are not such a huge problem and are not considered a no-no that nobody is allowed to talk about or see on TV….but I have to say that lately German TV stations started to censor all the movies (not to my liking) so that you have to record the movie again in the middle of the night to see the uncensored version of it -.-* It’s not about sex scenes or something but more about the showed violence…but it’s still annoying.

haha…well, Germans = Masters of unpronounceable words xD
Yesterday I tried to teach my mother (once again) how to pronouce the word “sausage”….she couldn’t…the more she tried the worse she got xD But Streichholzschächtelchen…I bet that wouldn’t be a problem 😉 (I never used that word when I was drunk, but I’ll probably try the next time…just for fun xD)

Last year, I drove past my elementary school and saw some kids riding bikes in the yard, supervised by a teacher….and I thought “Oh my god…they’re still doing this?” and YES…there really is something as a “bike liscense” for children…it’s supposed to teach children how to ride their bikes safely but honestly, for me as a kid, it was just some sort of annoying shit I had to do because the teacher wanted me to do it. xD

Yes…we do 🙂 I don’t like the thought of using words that actually make no sense…I mean a cellphone comes in handy most of the time if there’s some sort of emergency or so…but can’t we just call it mobile phone? Well you could…but the word “Mobiltelefon” makes you come across as if you were 70 years old xD…so I guess I have to keep using the word “Handy” ^^

well…I guess it’s no secret that Germans love their gazillion sorts of bread…and I’m no exception 😉 *yummy*


2 thoughts on “You Know You’re German When…

  1. This is so funny!! When I moved back to the States from Argentina, I used to try to translate their “sayings.” between the sayings and customs, it’s very obvious how different (and better?) Argentina really is! 🙂

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