What’s In My Bag? (Jan. 2012)

This is definitely a photo I NEVER wanted to take.
Well….this is what happens when I get terribly bored and drunk 🙂 I guess, there’s a voyeuristic touch to looking at other people’s belongings…and I have to admit that I’m kind of fascinated by it too sometimes. Of course it’s that kind of photo I’d call a total internet cliché but it also shows how much our attitude towards things changes because of the anonymity of the world wide web. Would you let other people have a look into your bag, just for fun, when they would ask you while standing next to you, waiting for a free Chip and PIN at the supermarket? Of course not.
You’d just think “What a perverted weirdo!” and get as far away from that person as possible. Even at home…when a family member just has the audacity to rummage in your bag without asking you for your permission…it’s an awkward situation. It’s your private stuff after all.
So why do we think it’s alright to show off all the contents of our bags on the internet for everyone to see?

What's In My Bag (January 2012)


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