Multi(t)asking?? – What’s That?

I’m a girl….so I just have to be able to magically activate my multitasking abilities, right? Right?
As you can see above, this is how my small, cozy (haha) spot in out living room looks right now ….I’m currently dividing my time between toooo many things and my brain seems to be slowly expanding, like a balloon….of the ghoulish and creepy sort 😯

Why are we always trying to preoccupy our brain with stuff, that isn’t really important….instead of getting the important things done??? (…and yes, it’s WE…I know I’m not the only one ;)) Well, I guess MY motivation and discipline just decided to kick my butt in order to wake me up….cause the 5 cups of coffee I already had, didn’t seem to do the trick. I need to concentrate….focus….on….stuff….like…..the three exams I’m gonna write this week….

“But you hate anatomy….all the Latin….you never gonna make  it anyway. Didn’t you want to finish “The Hound Of Baskervilles” on your Kindle?”
“Shut up…I gotta concentrate!”
“Or text your friend….I bet she’s just as clueless as you are!”
“Shuuuuuuut iiiit!”
“Better get another cup of coffee….you gonna be sitting here until 2am anyway!”
“I can’t….arrgghh!”
“Or what about Tumblr, some music….didn’t you want to work out?”

Apparently, I’ve started talking to myself again.
Oh sometimes, I just miss the ward….where we couldn’t watch TV or listen to music or whatever. It was just us and our thoughts…and it was strangely peaceful….for a loony bin.


3 thoughts on “Multi(t)asking?? – What’s That?

  1. I think girl multitasking abilities are overgeneralised! 🙂 I get so distracted sometimes that I forget what I’m doing between the couch and the computer. “Why am I here again? I’m sure I was going to google someting…” LOL Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

  2. I used to be a multi-tasking freak. I’ve since learned how unhealthy that can be. I’m trying to change my ways but struggling. It’s very hard for me to do just one thing, to really focus on one thing.

    Multi-tasking is overrated. Do what you can. Then move on. Simple as that.

    While I’ve never been in hospital for my mental health issues, I do long for the freedom to just sit and crawl around inside my brain. It’s so easy for life to get too busy to spend time analyzing myself and my life. I’m not as at peace when I can’t do that. I hope you find time for pondering.

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