‪I Can Go The Distance

When I was a child, I used to watch a lot of Disney movies and even now that I’m grown-up I still enjoy them immensely (which just reinforces my opinion that one’s never too old for Disney movies ^^)…Hercules is one of my favourites =)

The song “I Can Go The Distance” (which was initially sung by Michael Bolton) still gives me the shivers (in a positive way of course^^) every time I listen to it. It conveys so much emotion and has a lot of truth in it….like so many other Disney songs and stories….In this case the message is definitely: Never give up and dare to fight for your dreams!


2 thoughts on “‪I Can Go The Distance

  1. Love this! We still watch a lot of Disney at my house and my kids are 13-20. Never too old.

    And Hercules is one of my favorites. Actually, Megara is one of my favorites. When people ask which Disney princess is most like me, I choose her (princess or not). Attitude. Flawed. But good at heart. With lots of potential.

    Great choice. And, yes, you can go the distance!

    • Disney….it’s the far-off universe where cotten candy trees really can exist^^
      It’s the best remedy for all kinds of inner turmoil =)


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